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Patty D., Avon, CT


Last year, at 50, my body decided that sciatic nerve pain was something it was gonna do, and it did not seem interested in my thoughts about it at all! Suddenly, simply shifting my weight, sitting the wrong way, or bending or reaching would elicit a shooting pain down my right buttock and leg, painful enough to cause me to catch my breath. I was trying to stay active, walking and rowing 3x/week, and now that appeared to be too tall an order. I got chiropractic adjustments for 2 months, tried acupuncture, used a TENS unit, rubbed a variety of analgesic topicals on my lower back, and downed Aleve day and night just to get by.

I knew from researching that my best bet for reducing my symptoms, delaying worsening, and staying active was strengthening and stabilizing my low back and core. But with my condition, doing the wrong things, or doing the right things with bad form, could actually make me worse! So I turned to Jason. I’d worked out with Jason in the past to help me get in better shape and lose weight. But I knew his background in post-surgery and post-rehab exercise, and he had seen me through 2 sprained ankles and low back pain before, so I felt confident that he could help me. I wasn’t just right about that – my outcome has exceeded my expectations! When I started back with Jason I was on the path to having injections in my low back for the pain. But after about 4 months, I was largely free of the shooting nerve pain and my general low back pain wasn’t as bad. I no longer take Aleve every day to function.

I have remained active and can engage in most things I want to do, keeping in mind how to move properly to avoid problems. And I’ve not had to schedule any injections! Jason targets every single workout toward my goal, and manages to ensure that he raises my heart rate and I leave sweaty on all but my worst days. He is always responsive to how I am feeling that day, pays attention to how my body responds to each motion, and modifies where necessary, on the spot. I know I am in good hands and will not leave worse off – he pays attention, is extremely knowledgable, and tracks your progress to ensure he is maximizing what you can do without causing any harm. Jason is an awesome choice for anyone wanting a good workout – he is experienced, knowledgable, dedicated, and motivating without the mania. But if you are recovering from a back injury, or are compromised in some way (like so many of us beyond our 20’s are!), you couldn’t find a better person to work with. And the fact that he’s a personable, fun guy is icing on the cake.



Julie S., Granby, CT

Admitting you’re no longer in your twenties isn’t easy.  Accepting that fact can come when you realize your physical health has slipped, and getting back to health looks like a daunting task.  In my case, I was in overall excellent health but, hip/back pain slowly built up and by the time I was in my mid to late-40s I had debilitating pain.  General muscle weakness and loss of core muscles in particular was the diagnosis – nothing serious, which was a relief, but no easy fix or magic pill to solve the problem.  I was referred to physical therapy where I worked on basic core fundamentals.  Following PT, I had to decide what path to take going forward: make time and put the effort into my physical health, or return to my middle-aged inactive (but busy) lifestyle and accept the physical limitations.

I made the decision to make the time and put the effort into my physical health.  How?  I could try to get back to health on my own – I used to be active, how hard could it be?  What if my efforts failed?  I talked with my physical therapist about my concerns.  She suggested talking to a personal trainer, and referred me to Jason.

Why a trainer versus doing it on my own?  Because I wanted to increase the probability of being successful.  Working with Jason did this in 2 important ways; first, I could focus on my training and let Jason handle what type of exercise routine was appropriate; and second, I limited my risk of injury or re-injury.  The end result has been all that I wanted and more.  I am in the best physical shape of my life, I have resumed all the activities I thought I’d never be able to do again, and I have more energy than ever.  Working towards physical health goals is like most challenges – it takes work, but having Jason as my partner keeps the goal realistic and within reach.


Kim P., Avon, CT

I have been working with Jason for about 4 months now and have definitely begun to feel stronger and healthier.  Jason makes it easy to get started in a comfortable atmosphere while making the workout challenging but also placing high value on correct form with each exercise.  Having had prior back and shoulder injuries, his attentiveness to each exercise being individualized and challenging, but not more than you can handle, makes him a trustworthy and invaluable trainer.